H2A, H2B & Guest Worker Programs
LaborQuest USA is an employer agent providing guest workers (H2A & H2B) for small to mid-sized U.S. companies. LaborQuest is a division of Crossborder Development Corporation (CDC). CDC provides start-up consulting, and has provided immigration services (work visas/green card petitioning) for 25+ years through CDC Immigration.

LaborQuest USA is an employer agent providing (H2A, H2B ) guest worker programs as well as other Work Visas
for small to mid-sized U.S. companies through the country.

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“Agricultural” – H2A Programs
– LaborQuest USA provides H2A guest workers for growers, farmers, harvesters, and garden centers in the agricultural business. Typical H2A job titles for these employers typically include: field workers, farm laborers, field laborers, pickers, packers, and harvesters.As your Partner, we carry as much of the load for our clients as possible, but the H-2A Agricultural approval process does require employer involvement, particularly at the start.   Read More…

H2B Programs
– LaborQuest USA provides H2B guest workers for any employers who have a seasonal, intermittent or a one-time occurrence need for guest workers. The H2B visa is designated for guest workers who will be employed in any qualifying non-agricultural positions. The most common industries LaborQuest provides H2B programs (guest workers) are: landscaping, grounds maintenance, construction (including: painting/roofing/framing/drywall), restaurant/hospitality, maintenance, golf, manufacturing, processing, and other specialty services businesses.As your H2B Partner, we free you of the day-to-day headaches and uncertainties of a very tedious process. We use our expertise to eliminate the risks which ensures you get the seasonal guest workers needed.  Read More…

Other Work Visas
– LaborQuest USA is a division of CDC Immigration, which helps employers petition for both short term and longer term work visas. A U.S. employer may sponsor a prospective, or current foreign national employee who is inside or outside the United States, under one of the many visa categories.   Read More…