H2B Programs

LaborQuest USA provides H2B guest workers for any employers who have a seasonal, intermittent or a one-time occurrence need for guest workers. The H2B visa is designated for guest workers who will be employed in any qualifying non-agricultural positions. The most common industries LaborQuest provides H2B programs (guest workers) are: landscaping, grounds maintenance, construction (including: painting/roofing/framing/drywall), restaurant/hospitality, maintenance, golf, manufacturing, processing, and other specialty services businesses.

As your H2B Partner, we free you of the day-to-day headaches and uncertainties of a very tedious process. We use our expertise to eliminate the risks which ensures you get the seasonal guest workers needed.

H2B Visa are used for?

U.S. Companies hiring H2B guest workers to perform temporary work for which no US workers are available.

H2B Non-Agricultural Employer Requirements

Payroll Records: Two years of employer’s payroll records may be necessary to demonstrate your peak/seasonal need.

Hourly Wage: The DOL sets the prevailing H2B wage rate based on the job to be performed. The employer is responsible for all regular local, state and federal payroll taxes, including paying Social Security and unemployment (FICA, FUTA and SUTA). The employer is responsible for assisting guest workers in obtaining Social Security cards upon their arrival.

Insurance: H2B Employer’s must provide guest workers with compensation insurance.

Housing: H2B Guest workers can pay for all their housing costs and related expenses. While H2B employers are under no legal obligation to provide housing, it is preferred that arrangements are made for affordable and proper housing prior to engaging in the program. We can help.

Transportation: H2B Employer’s must pay for the visa, transportation (including subsistence) and any recruitment/processing costs incidental to the hiring of temporary foreign workers

Social Security: When H2B guest workers arrive employers are required to take them to apply for social security cards. This is very simple, you can contact your local SS Office for instructions. We can help.

Work Supplies: H2B Employer’s furnishes all tools/supplies necessary to perform the work at no cost to the guest workers.

Environment: H2B Employer’s needs to unsure everyone in the workplace will treat participants with respect and dignity.


The H2B Process for guest workers takes approximately 5 months, from the initial application to the arrival of the employee in the USA.

Step 1: We discuss your business and staffing needs to ensure the H2B Program will match your needs. We will need to collect and review payroll records for the last 2 years that are required in the program.

Step 2: We arrange your presentation of all H2B paperwork and supporting documentation to file with the Department of Labor.

Step 3: Job advertisements are created and placed in local newspapers to ensure there are no suitable workers available. At the same time we start recruiting and screening international guest workers applications for you to review.

Step 4: Upon receiving DOL approval, you decide which international guest workers to hire. We send Employment Agreements to H2B guest workers for their signatures. For a very small fee background and drug screening can also be done.

Step 5: We submit H2B paperwork to the U.S. Government. Once approval has been received, we notify you and the guest worker.

Step 6: We arrange for H2B guest worker to apply for the H2B Visa in the guest worker’s home country. After guest workers receive their visa, we arrange transportation to the USA, and to your location.

Step 7: H2B Guest Workers arrive at local greyhound station and are your responsibility. On-going support is provided for both employers and guest workers.


Please contact us to see how you can benefit by hiring guest workers through an H2B Program.


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